How and when to use a Prometheus gauge

A Prometheus gauge is a specific type of metric used for measurements. That means your service always returns to Prometheus the current value of whatever it is you’re measuring. Prometheus is regularly scraping your service for metrics though, and when your gauge’s current value is returned Prometheus stores this against the current time. You’ll then […]

Prometheus service discovery for AWS ECS

Having Prometheus automatically discover your AWS ECS services makes life a lot easier since you don’t have to manage Prometheus target configurations across environments. Although Prometheus doesn’t provide it out-of-the-box, in this article you’ll discover exactly how to setup service discovery for ECS by combining a few simple tools. By the end, we’ll have a […]

Spring Boot default metrics

Spring Boot 2’s actuator module provides monitoring and management capabilities for your application, and includes the Micrometer metrics collection facility. Micrometer comes preconfigured with many useful default metrics, and also includes the ability for you to configure your own. In this article we’ll run through the most important default metrics provided in Spring Boot, and […]

The 4 Types Of Prometheus Metrics

Prometheus is an excellent tool for gathering metrics from your application so that you can better understand how it’s behaving. When deciding how to publish metrics, you’ll have 4 types of metrics to choose from. In this article you’ll discover what are the different types of Prometheus metrics, how to decide which one is right […]

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