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Gradle is a powerful build tool, and when setup properly offers one of the most efficient ways to build a Java project. Follow these tutorial series to gain a solid understanding and learn the best-practice approach to common problems.

Many of these tutorials are available in video format, and come with full worked examples you can try out yourself by downloading the attached Git repository.

Get going with Gradle introductory course

If you’ve recently started with Gradle, this course will get you to a level where you can work with simple projects effectively. It covers the fundamentals, with a mixture of theory and practical lessons amounting to over 1 hour of video content.

See full details and enrol over on the course page.

Get going with Gradle course

Gradle essentials

Picking up Gradle for the first time or just want to learn the fundamentals? With these tutorials you’ll form a solid understanding of the core principles, helping you become more effective working in Gradle projects.

Gradle implementation vs. compile dependencies

Understand properly the difference between these two dependency configurations.

Gradle implementation vs. compile

What is the Gradle wrapper and why should you use it?

The Gradle wrapper is an important script which forces your project to use a specific Gradle version. Discover how to make the best use of it, including setting up new projects, executing builds, and upgrading it.

What is the Gradle wrapper

✅ includes video

gradle vs. gradlew – what’s the difference?

A common source of confusion is understanding the difference between the gradle and gradlew commands. Learn what each command does and when to use it.

gradle vs. gradlew difference

5 tips for using Gradle with IntelliJ IDEA 2019

Discover how to make the most of your IDE when using Gradle, to get your work done quicker and more efficiently.

5 tips for using Gradle

✅ includes video

Anatomy of a Gradle build script: the key to understanding Gradle

Did you every look at a Gradle build script and end up scratching your head? In this article you’ll learn the most important components to make understanding build scripts a breeze.

Anatomy of a Gradle build file

✅ includes Git repo

Building production-ready projects with Gradle

Learn how to build and maintain larger and more complex projects, with these more advanced Gradle techniques.

How to use Gradle api vs. implementation dependencies with the Java Library plugin

Discover how to properly build libraries which will be consumed by another project, with the Java library plugin.

Gradle api vs implementation dependencies

✅ includes video + Git repo

Annotation processors in Gradle with the annotationProcessor dependency configuration

Annotation processing enables the generation of additional files during Java compilation. Learn how Gradle abstracts away the complexity of passing the correct compile options with the annotationProcessor dependency configuration

✅ includes video + Git repo

Automating Docker builds with Gradle

Discover the best way to automate Docker in your project, allowing developers and CI servers to easily build images and run containers.

Automating Docker Builds With Gradle

✅ includes Git repo

Gradle project properties best practices

Learn how to pass in and use Gradle project properties to more effectively control the execution of your build.

Gradle project properties best practices

✅ includes video

How to update Gradle

Understand the full details of updating Gradle, including how it works in the background and some of the version incompatibilities to bear in mind.

How to update Gradle

✅ includes video

All about the Gradle task graph

A powerful Gradle feature is its ability to setup dependencies between tasks, creating a task graph. Learn all about the task graph, how to add tasks to it, and how to print it out.

All about the Gradle task graph

Getting to grips with Gradle integrations

Understand how to use some popular Gradle integrations with these tutorials.

Unleashing the Spring Boot Gradle plugin

Learn how to use the Spring Boot Gradle plugin to more effectively build a Spring Boot project, including customising it your specific requirements.

Unleashing the Spring Boot Gradle plugin

✅ includes video + Git repo

How to secure your Gradle credentials In Jenkins

Discover how to securely setup credentials for your private repository using Jenkins credentials, and inject them into your Gradle builds.

How to secure your Gradle credentials in Jenkins

✅ includes video + Git repo

Leveraging the full power of Gradle

These advanced tutorials lift the covers on Gradle, showing you how to effectively control builds and reuse build logic.

Introduction to writing Gradle plugins

Most Gradle builds use at least a few external plugins to add extra functionality. So why not make use of this powerful mechanism by learning how to encapsulate your own Gradle build logic into a plugin?

Introduction to Gradle plugins

✅ includes video + Git repo

Gradle lifecycle evaluation order for multi-project builds

Multi-project builds in Gradle provide a better way to organise your project. Learn about the evaluation order of these types of project, and how to set things up to work the way you want them to.

Gradle lifecycle evaluation order for multi-project builds

✅ includes video + Git repo

How to do a Maven to Gradle migration on a Java Spring Boot project

Discover the 8 steps to migrate your Java Spring Boot project from Maven to Gradle, to get the job done as easily as possible.

Maven to Gradle migration

✅ includes video + Git repo

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