Annotation processors in Gradle with the annotationProcessor dependency configuration

Annotation processing is a Java compilation option which has been around since Java 5. It enables the generation of additional files during compilation, such as classes or documentation. Gradle abstracts the complexity of passing the correct compilation options to Java with the annotationProcessor dependency configuration, which we’ll explore in detail in this article with a […]

How to update Gradle

Using the Gradle wrapper means that a project can be fixed to a specific version of Gradle. If you want to update Gradle to a newer version though, follow the simple steps in this article. What’s my current Gradle version? Assuming your project is using the Gradle wrapper, which it most likely is, run ./gradlew […]

Unleashing the Spring Boot Gradle plugin

1. Introduction Spring Boot is a framework to build Java applications with minimal boilerplate code required, whereas Gradle is a highly configurable build automation tool. Using Gradle to build your Spring Boot application is a good approach, but the process is made infinitely easier using the Spring Boot Gradle plugin to provide build functionality specific […]

Building a Spring Boot application in Docker and Jenkins (part 2 of microservice devops series)

Welcome to the second of this three part series where you’ll learn how to take a Spring Boot microservice from inception to deployment, using all the latest continuous integration best practices. In this second article we’ll be updating the Spring Boot service we built in Part 1 and getting it running inside a Docker container. Then we’ll […]

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