Gradle Multi-Project Masterclass

Learn to harness the power of Gradle multi-project builds to scale your Java project for success.

Course overview

What you'll learn

Understand the 4 key benefits of multi-project builds

Know how to properly configure multiple projects in Gradle

Manage application layers across subprojects

Promote build logic reuse with convention plugins

Effectively execute & troubleshoot multi-project builds

Best way to get started with multi-project builds

Here's why this course can help

Learn latest techniques

Using Gradle 7.4, what you learn here uses the latest Gradle features like convention plugins & JVM Test Suites plugin

Follow clear concise examples

The course follows a structured approach to build an example multi-project application through 6 key lessons

Understand the fundamentals

Know how you're configuring Gradle in the background, with reference to API documentation as you go

Student feedback

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 (32 reviews)


Great, focused course!

Fast-paced, focused course. Well-chosen examples and good explanations with the right amount of detail. Covers the important things and gives a heads-up on the latest Gradle features and best practices, ensuring we don't continue on using outdated approaches. Thanks for this course (and all the other content), Tom! You rock!

Kyle Otto


Most important topic for Gradle adopters

How to effectively set up and work with multi-module Gradle project is the most concerning topic for post-Maven Gradle adopters. But it's hard to up-to-date materials on that in the web. This course fills that gap perfectly!

Józef Tokarski


Packs a lot of information is a short time

This course will get you up and running multi-project build quite quickly

Robin Fronk


Great Masterclass

Excelent explanations.

Vitorio Tadao Kuroda


Great way to get started learning Multi-Project Gradle bu...

Highly recommended course for step-by-step explanation for gradle multi-project builds which is powerful but can be daunting to get started by yourself.

Aditya Parikh

Course details

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  • 8 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Subtitles