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Jenkins & CI

  • How to build Gradle projects with GitHub Actions
    Learn how to easily build Gradle projects with GitHub Actions, optimise build performance, and use the event driven approach to handle common scenarios like PR creation.
  • Using Jenkins and Kaniko to build Docker images in AWS
    Running Jenkins in AWS is simple using Fargate, but what if we need Jenkins itself to build Docker images? Learn how to use Kaniko from Jenkins to easily build and push a Docker image, keeping your CI pipelines totally serverless.
  • Deploying Jenkins into AWS ECS using CDK
    Deploying Jenkins into AWS ECS requires careful consideration to make sure you’re following best-practice. Learn how to deploy a production-ready Jenkins instance in just a few lines of code, using the power of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

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  • How and when to use a Prometheus gauge
    A Prometheus gauge is a specific type of metric used for measurements. That means your service always returns to Prometheus the current value of whatever it is you’re measuring. Prometheus is regularly scraping your service for metrics though, and when your gauge’s current value is returned Prometheus stores this against the current time. You’ll then […]
  • Prometheus service discovery for AWS ECS
    Last Updated on November 7, 2022 Having Prometheus automatically discover your AWS ECS services makes life a lot easier since you don’t have to manage Prometheus target configurations across environments. Although Prometheus doesn’t provide it out-of-the-box, in this article you’ll discover exactly how to setup service discovery for ECS by combining a few simple tools. […]
  • Spring Boot default metrics
    Last Updated on November 25, 2022 Spring Boot 2’s actuator module provides monitoring and management capabilities for your application, and includes the Micrometer metrics collection facility. Micrometer comes preconfigured with many useful default metrics, and also includes the ability for you to configure your own. In this article we’ll run through the most important default […]

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  • Run Low-Cost Serverless Java in AWS Lambda (VIDEO)
    Discover how easy it is to build, test, and deploy Java applications using the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM).
  • How to Deploy Eureka into AWS ECS
    Discover how to setup Eureka in AWS ECS following an example project.
  • 3 surprising facts about AWS SQS FIFO queues
    The first-in-first-out (FIFO) queue is the type of AWS SQS queue that guarantees order and provides exactly once delivery of messages. That sounds great, but there are some other important features to understand to avoid unexpected queue behaviour. In this article you’ll discover the 3 most important caveats with SQS FIFO queues. 1) If a […]

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