Getting to grips with Gradle is tough…

If you’re a Java engineer then you know Gradle is becoming more and more important for automating the build process.

But building Java applications is complex, both for monoliths and microservices. Gradle models this complexity far more accurately than other build tools.

That means Gradle knows how to build your application…fast!

BUT, to effectively model your application’s build process, aside from Hello World applications, requires in-depth Gradle knowledge.

5 years ago I joined my first project using Gradle. I could see how powerful it was, but struggled to understand the mysterious build script!

It took years of learning, practice, and many mistakes to uncover all Gradle’s secrets.

So I decided I wanted to help other developers avoid the pain that I’d been through…

Introducing Gradle Build Bible

To share what I learnt over the years, I created Gradle Build Bible to help Java developers get up to speed fast.

This e-book teaches you everything you need to effectively build Java projects with Gradle.

Although you’ll learn the relevant Gradle fundamentals in-depth, it skips the unnecessary fluff found in other boring textbook style books.

That’s because this e-book was designed specifically for Java developers building Java projects, just like you!

So here are the 5 chapters to help you reach Gradle mastery…

Gradle Build Bible overview

5 chapters to Gradle proficiency

➡️ 1. Understanding the fundamentals All the key Gradle concepts you might have heard of, properly explained to get you to where you’re easily creating simple projects from scratch.

⌨️ 2. Interacting with Gradle Nailing command line and IDE interaction means you can more effectively work with Gradle projects. Be prepared for any situation, with full understanding of the Gradle wrapper, daemon, and build lifecycle.

💡 3. Mastering Gradle build scripts Each build script concept is dissected and explained simply, so all those mysterious code snippets now make sense. Gradle’s build scripts use Kotlin by default, and you’ll learn the relevant language concepts to edit build scripts effectively.

4. Working with Java projects in Gradle If you work with Java projects, this is the ultimate guide to more effectively build, test, and run them. And then some. By the end of this chapter, you’ll be creating realistic Java projects following all the best-practices.

🗄️ 5. Organising Gradle projects effectively Prepare your Gradle build for the growth and change expected in a successful software project. Scale up with multi-project builds, and learn to reuse build logic with custom tasks and plugins.

Learning outcomes

How this e-book will help you

✔️ start any new Gradle project on the right foot

✔️ understand in-depth the fundamental Gradle concepts

✔️ fix your build to make development fun again

✔️ master Java projects in Gradle

✔️ progress your career as a build engineer

Excellent resources! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Tom Gregory covers the most helpful aspects and explains them all very well.”

Kyle Otto, recent reader

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BONUS: PDF cheat sheets

Reference materials for when you get stuck

You’ll also receive these super-helpful Gradle Command Line and Gradle Kotlin DSL cheat sheets.

Written for Java devs

Everything you need, minus the fluff

As well as Java, did you know Gradle can build Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, and even C++ applications? But Gradle Build Bible is written specifically for Java devs (by a Java dev). So you learn only what’s necessary to build Java applications effectively.

Free future updates

Because Gradle is a moving target

Gradle is constantly improving (thanks Team Gradle!). Unlike when you buy other books, with Gradle Build Bible you receive any updates to the e-book for free. I’ll notify you of any updates so you can come back and download the e-book again.

So what do you actually get?

✔️ Access to the Gradle Build Bible 247 page e-book PDF

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✔️ Lifetime access, including ALL future updates

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